Rosados Box Prudence 5mm Rose Gold Round Kunzite Braided Engagement Ring

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This is a classic braided engagement ring! It is designed to be able to sit flush with any of our low profile bands! Yay! :) This ring is 100% American made with non-conflict diamonds and recycled 14kt rose gold. Please allow 2-3 weeks for manufacturing, processing ,and quality control prior to shipping.

Rosados Box is a line created by Love & Promise Jewelers that focuses on making 100% American designed and crafted jewelry. We pride ourselves in creating quality products that are all made using conflict-free stones and the finest recycled metals; all while keeping the prices affordable and our level of service high. We use biodegradable solutions for cleaning our jewelry in our studio, we recycle our paper, metals, and plastics whenever we can, and all purchases come in a beautiful box and reusable/recyclable tote! We feel it's our responsibility to touch, sell, and promote love from the tiniest stone to the final product. With each handcrafted piece we are working toward a cleaner, greener, and happier earth; thanks for joining our movement!



Center Stone Kunzite Specifications:


Center Stone: Natural Kunzite

Color: Clear light lavendor pink!

Shape: Round cut

Measurement: Approximately 5.00mm

Weight: Approximately 0.62cts



Measurement of the ring:


Band Width: 3.25mm

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