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Hello Rock Stars! We just got confirmation that Charles & Colvard is in the process of phasing out the Forever Brilliant series. In response, some of you guys are going to receive the Forever One GHI (F1-) instead of the FB moissanites. The Forever One GHI series is the newest and better version of the previous Forever Brilliant moissanite. All warranties with C&C will remain the same. Although the F1- series is more expensive than the FB, we will sell the F1- the same price as the FB's. Thank you super fans for your undying support!! ~Rosados Box Team! 03.31.2017

Enjoy free shipping with any purchase of $1000 or more !! Enter coupon code RBOX1000 for the free shipping. Happy 2017 y'all!!~ Rosados Box Team 03.22.2017

The following below is the most updated list from our shop for the Forever One DEF moissanites (Colorless) from Charles & Colvard, for shorthand, our shop will call this F1+. Please note, the prices are for the upgrade charges only. ~Rosados Box Team 03.22.2017

Pear Cut:
9x6mm: +$400
10x7mm: +$500

Emerald Cut:
9x7mm: +$700
10x8mm: +$1000

Radiant Cut:
9x7mm: +$700

Round Cut: 
5mm: +$90 
6mm: +$140
6.5mm: +$200
7.5mm: +$350
8mm: +$450
8.5mm: +$510
9mm: +$610
10mm: +$800
11mm: +$1170
11.5mm: +1390
12mm: +$1670

Cushion Cut:
5.5mm: +$170
6mm: +$230
6.5mm: +$290
7mm: +$390
7.5mm: +$520
9mm: +$860
10mm: +$1210

Oval Cut:
6x4mm: +$125 
9x7mm: +$560
10x8mm: +$790

Princess/Square Brilliant Cut
5.5mm: +$250
6.5mm: +$400

NEW!!! Asscher Cut F1 (Stones only sold with our rings/NOT sold separately):
6.5mm: $850 (total)
8mm: $1720 (total)
9mm: $2430 (total)

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