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About Love and Promise Jewelers

About Love & Promise Jewelers

Love & Promise Jewelers is the quintessential example of the American Dream. Nancy Chin, president of Love & Promise Jewelers, founded her company in 1988 with just $2,000 and a heart full of hope. Laid off from her first job in the U.S. as a salad factory worker, she was desperate for a job. By chance, she found an opening for a bead stringing position from a window ad. She applied and was immediately accepted. Yet she soon realized that her job would not earn her enough to raise her two children and allow her to save for their college education. Putting in countless hours of overtime and taking extra projects home, she eventually saved up $2,000 and, despite knowing little English or much about jewelry and with only a few strands of pearls, Nancy started her own business.

Today, Love & Promise Jewelers has thousands of products and clients internationally. Our mission is to touch people with beautifully crafted and affordable jewelry, paired with excellent customer service. We are committed to simplifying the jewelry shopping experience of each and every one of our customers. We feel it's our responsibility to touch, sell, and promote love from the tiniest stone to the final product.

We sell products that symbolize love and are made with love.

We sell both imported and American-made, ethically-engineered and ethically-sourced products; and we label all our products accordingly.

Love & Promise Jewelers recently added a fresh line of bridal jewelry, Rosados Box™, which features ONLY lab-grown and/or natural gemstones. ALL of our lab-grown products are from the best brands in the market.

Rosados Box™ is a unique collection that is 100% American designed AND crafted, and feature stones that are non-conflict/fairly traded, while using only the finest recycled metals. 

Rosados Box™ has been featured in Etsy, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Glamour, MODwedding, Weddingbee, Bridal Guide and Who What Wear to name a few!  Rosados Box™ is committed to creating, promoting, and delivering products that are exclusively guilt free!

We take going green seriously--and we are making it easier for you, too. We use biodegradable solutions for cleaning our jewelry in our studio, we recycle our paper, metals, and plastics, and all our jewelry purchases come with recyclable gift boxes and reusable totes.

Because we believe in karma and "sharing is caring," Love & Promise Jewelers feels that it's important to give back. We support positive causes that contribute to a better and healthier future for both the earth and our global communities. A percentage of our earnings from ALL items sold in the Rosados Box™ line will be donated to charity foundations such as the Living Lands & Waters, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Purple Heart Homes, and Chinese American Service League (CASL). Thank you for joining our efforts toward a better and happier earth!

We thank you for taking the time to getting know us as we hope to get to know you.  Please contact us with your questions or for more information at help@loveandpromisejewelers.com 

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