9 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Jewlery in Tip-top Shape

  • Tip #1Practice the Golden Rule: First to take off and last to put on! Always put your ring (or rings) on last, after finishing your make up, hair styling, and getting dressed. Always remove your ring(s) before doing any kind of strenuous activity, such as working out (yoga, weights, dancing, etc.) or lifting heavy objects. Any pressure that is put on a ring (even thick rings) will shift the original shape, and after about 100 times of shifting the ring and the original foundation will change. That's why all stones will eventually loosen with continuous impact.

  • Tip #2 When putting on your ring, NEVER place any pressure directly onto the center stone. Here are the proper steps for putting on your ring:

    Hold the ring with the center stone upright (facing north).

    With the pointer finger holding on the west side of the ring and the thumb holding the east side.

    Gently and slowly wiggle the ring past the knuckle. Never shove the ring past the knuckle as it will injure your knuckle and possibly damage the ring.

  • Tip #3 ALWAYS take off all jewelry prior to going to bed. Your blankets can catch onto the prongs and break them off. Contact with a wall or headboard can also can damage the ring.

  • Tip #4NEVER put your jewelry into any harsh chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, hairspray, or nail polish remover. These chemicals break down and wear away the original chemical composition of the metals and can also damage the stones. See more tips below for the proper way to clean a ring.

  • Tip #5NEVER wear your ring(s) with rubber or latex gloves; the tension and pressure from the tightness of the gloves will loosen prongs and cause the stone(s) to eventually loosen or fall out. The prongs can also puncture the gloves and cause cross contamination. You can wear your ring(s) with loose-fitting winter gloves; just be mindful to pull the gloves gently on and off.

  • Tip #6ALWAYS Store all jewelry in a cool temperature and AWAY from sunlight. Just as the sun can damage your skin it can also damage certain gemstones.

  • Tip #7Make sure to have your jewelry checked by a local jeweler, or by our shop, every 3-6 months for inspection and tightening. You can send your ring(s) to us. Full eternity rings and micropave rings require more care due to the nature of their design and should be inspected and tightened at least every 3 months. Just as a car needs regular maintenance to perform well, regular inspection and tightening of your ring(s) will keep them in great condition and prevent the stones from coming out.

  • Tip #8To avoid your center stone from clouding up or getting less shiny from residue and buildup, DO NOT wear your ring(s) while washing your hands with soap, showering, or applying lotion. The soap and lotion will build up and cause the stone to appear cloudy. See more tips and resources below for how to properly clean your rings and jewelry.

  • Tip #9Always wear your jewelry responsibly. Please note, jewelry that is designed with delicacy needs tender loving care! Jewelry is not resistant to normal wear, activities, or trauma; this is especially true for rings since hands are regularly subjected to extensive abuse. As a general rule of thumb, the more delicate and detailed the piece the more gentle handling it requires. When worn with care, the quality of your jewelry will endure.

    For additional tips on caring for your rings and stones, please contact us.

How to Clean Your Jewelry

Here are some helpful tips and resources for how to properly clean your rings and stones:

To clean gold, palladium, and platinum jewelry as well as stones in your ring(s) that appear "cloudy," watch this video.

While these at-home cleaning remedies apply to most synthetic and natural gems, DO NOT use these methods for any stones that are porous or delicate such as pearls, opals, emeralds, or tanzanites. To clean porous or delicate stones:

Place the ring in a small bowl of warm water with about five drops of mild liquid detergent.

Let the ring sit in the bowl for about 5 minutes.

Take out the ring and gently wipe it with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth and let it air dry. DO NOT use a brush or any other harsh texture against thesegems as it will scratch the surface and damage the stones.

Repeat every one to three months for rings you wear on a daily basis to prevent build up.

To clean silver jewelry, follow these instructions.

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